HоmеIеss Prеgnant Pit BuII Is Rеsсuеd Just In Timе

Pregnant and alone, this homeless pit bull lived on the streets until an email forever changed her life.

The streets are no place for a pregnant dog. The stress, lack of food, and shelter all make for a miserable life during a time when the dog is most vulnerable. Giving birth in a dirty place is unimaginable, but thankfully, this sweet dog was spared that fate.

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When JoAnn Wiltz and Katie McKittrick of Hope for Paws received an email about a very pregnant pit bull living on the streets, they didn’t hesitate to go try to find her.

They drove to a field where they were told she was living, and the adorable dog rushed out to greet them. The dog was very young, friendly, and thrilled that some kind people finally stopped to help her and her future puppies.

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They had no trouble picking her up and putting her in the car so they could take her to the vet. During her exam, she was nothing but smiles and so happy to be in the hands of caring people. It was as if she knew she needed help and had been waiting for it all alone.

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It was a good thing help came when it did, too. Because a few short hours later Waffles went into labor and began to deliver her puppies. Despite her young age, she was a good little mother and immediately got to work taking care of her adorable puppies.

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