Sad Dоg Whо Criеd In Thе ShеItеr AII Day Can Nоw SIееρ With A SmiIе

Max was once a street dog who was rеscuеd from a life of severe nеglесt. Sidewalk Specials took him in, and he was riddled with mange and as skinny as could be.

You could easily see his ribs. But he would have to be kept separated from the other dogs because of the contagious mange condition.

The poor boy howled and cried all day every day in his kennel. He knew he wanted love in life although he’d never experienced it before. And a kind woman would come along and take a chance on Max, and it was love at first tickle!

Max and the cats would have to learn to get along during their initial adjustment period, but now the good boy is so happy and healthy and smiles in his sleep! How amazing.

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