Wоman Cоmеs Aсrоss Stray Puρρy Whо Tоок Tо Unоссuρiеd Natiνity Sсеnе Fоr Rеst

Nádia Rosângella was walking past a nativity scene displayed near her home in Brazil when something about it caught her eye. Something was occupying the manger, and it wasn’t a baby.

Here it was a stray puppy who had found some refuge for the night.

It was the perfect size and plenty comfortable enough for a nap, so that’s exactly what the pup did.

As cute as this appeared, the little one needed help after having been âbаndơnеd in the town square. So Nádia took some photos and helped spread the word.

Nádia Rosângella

Before long, a friend came through and said they could take the puppy in! The pup didn’t know it, but she gave herself a fighting chance by choosing to stay at the nativity scene that night.

Nádia Rosângella

Nádia couldn’t take the dog in herself, but she couldn’t leave her out there all alone and wanted nothing more than for her to find a home.

And Christmas came early for her knowing the pup is now safe and sound with a family who loves her! 🙂
H/T – The Dodo

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