Dоg ‘Rеsсuеs’ A Duск WhiIе Swimming In A Laке

When you take your dog to the lake, you expect that they will have a good time chasing a ball or even going for a swim. But this pretty golden retriever did much more than that to the amazement of her owner.

When Violet was playing fetch in a lake, it wasn’t a ball that she returned to shore with. As she swam toward her owner, Violet’s mom quickly realized it wasn’t a ball that Violet was carrying in her mouth.

She was carrying a duck! As she got closer, her shocked mom is heard saying,

“Violet, are you for real right now?”

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When Violet reaches the bank, you can see the duck she’s gently carrying in her mouth. She must think she’s saving the duck and looks pretty pleased with herself as she tries to get the duck safely to shore.

When her owner realizes what’s in Violet’s mouth, you can hear her say:
“Violet, drop the duck. Drop it!”

Violet looks up as if to say, “are you sure?” Then the good girl carefully sets the duck down but not before giving it a little kiss goodbye.

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The super sweet pup never harmed the duck and it was free to swim back to safety. Adorable Violet then looks back toward the water and decides to go for another swim.

The entire surprising event is super cute and Violet is adorable. She’s such a good girl for being so careful with her little duck friend. Her mom seemed so surprised that she returned to her with a duck in her mouth.

Violet is a good girl, too. She doesn’t hesitate to listen to mom and release the duck without harming a single feather. Violet is probably wondering why she couldn’t keep her little friend safe on land with her.

We hope you enjoyed this adorable ‘rеscuе’ video. Violet is super cute and we just can’t get enough of her brave rеscuе attempt. As always, please feel free to sharе with your friends.

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