GоIdеn Rеtriеνеr Grооms His Kitty Bеstiе And Rесеiνеs Thе Swееtеst Hug

Sweet relationships between a dog and cat are always adorable to see. They prove that two animals can get along and care for each other, despite their differences. This golden retriever and his kitty friend are an example of pure love.

The owner of these two cuties, An, made a video of the pair to sharе their special friendship with the world. The sweet video shows the dog, Duo Duo, lovingly licking his best friend, a white cat named Snowball, at their home in Guangzhou, China.

The golden and his kitty bestie grew up together and sharе a very strong bond. They spend endless hours cuddling together and are always by each other’s side. According to Mr. An, they also sleep together.

In the video, the golden is grooming the adorable cat, even nibbling on its snowy, white ears. The blissful kitty snuggles up close to his friend and wraps his paws around the pup’s leg in a tender hug. Perhaps the most adorable thing, ever.

The trust and friendship between the two friends is beautiful to see. The cat rubs his face in the fur on the dog and closes his eyes, clearly happy in the arms of his friend. It warms our hearts to watch the two of them, and we’re not alone.

Mr. Al has been haring videos of Duo Duo and Snowball on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok for a year. The account now has over 143,000 followers, all who love watching the sweet friendship between the pair.

We can’t get enough of these two and we hope that you enjoy them too. It seems from the comments, that their Douyin fans feel the same way:

One person wrote: ‘What a heart-warming scene. They must’ve known each other from past life.’

Another one said: ‘The cat looked so happy and they rely on each other. Wish they could always be this happy together for the rest of their lives!’ Please pass along the sweetness to your family and friends. You’ll be sure to brighten someone’s day!

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