MiraсIе dоg surνiνеd thе wоrst imaginabIе is nоw hеIρing оthеrs as a thеraρy dоg

Can you imagine how you would feel and act after being hurt and âbаndơnеd all your life?

What if someone tried their best to take your life away?

Most would probably feel bitter and angry at the world and hold resentment towards every person they came into contact with.

That would be a totally natural response for most, but not all, as Maggie the Wunderdog has proven time and time again.

Maggie was found on the streets of Lebanon, tied to a box with one of her ears cut off, both eyes shot out, and 17 other gunshot wounds on her body.


On top of all this, Maggie was pregnant.

She had been left for dеad on the side of a road when she was rеscuеd by the Wild at Heart Foundation, which aims to help protect dogs all across the globe.

Maggie went through many surgeries and eventually had to get her eye sockets sewn shut to reduce the risks of bacteria getting in and causing more infections.

She pulled through it all, though, and never let the inhumane treatment of her early life dictate how she acted.

Maggie’s story was posted on the Wild at Heart website and was viewed by thousands of people before a young woman named Kasey Carlin from Brighton in the UK saw her and reached out to the organization.

Kasey and her mother were touched by the pups’ incredible story and knew that, if they were allowed, they would give her the best life possible.


The Carlins were successful in their bid to adơрt Maggie, and soon she was settling in at her new home.

Maggie was quick to endear herself to Kasey, and her mother, and they spoiled the dog in every way imaginable.

She has all the comfortable beds and squeaky toys she could ever hope for.

That wasn’t enough for Maggie, though, with the help of her owners, she has also become a registered therapy dog through Underdog International.

Kasey brings Maggie to hospitals and care homes so she can interact with the patients there and inspire them that things can get better.

She also visits some local universities during exam time so that the students can take a small break from studying and play with the loveable pup.

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