2 missing sistеrs arе fоund safе in wооds aII thanкs tо dоg whо didn’t Iеaνе thеir sidе

When two young girls were Iơst in the woods, it was their golden retriever named Artemis that stayed by their side to protect them.

Mary Bourg began to worry and called police after the her little girls didn’t come home after the sun had set. “I’d been running around our property — we live on six acres — and I was calling for them,” Mary told TODAY.com. “Usually they come running with Artemis leading the way.”

The thoughts in her head were also running. She worried if the girls, Abigail, 7, and Cecilia, 4, fell into a creek near their Folsom, Louisiana home or if they ran into some wild hots. “I had the worst thoughts. I just didn’t let those thoughts stick around very long because I couldn’t handle that,” Mary Bourg told WWL. After calling the police, she reached out to the community on a local Facebook page to see if anyone had seen her girls.

Thankfully, the mom’s children were returned to her within four hours thanks to Artemis. Helicopters, drones, K-9s, and ATVs had all been deployed to find the girls. Dad Justin Bourg explained: “Originally, I was very confident we were going to find them in the woods. That’s their favorite place to go play but once hour three, three and a half was kind of creeping up on us on the clock I was getting more dark thoughts.”

Still, the family kept the faith until the girls were found about 300 t0 400 yards from the house. It turns out the girls had wandered off into the woods near a pond with their dogs and got Iơst. Abigail was found lying on top of the dog holding his collar. Apparently, the dog allowed her to lie on him so that she could rest.

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