Jоggеr’s оn bеaсh whеn hе miraсuIоusIy sρоts missing dоg traρρеd bеnеath rоскs

The jogger came to a halt after hearing a muffled barking sound. He began looking at the rocks, and that’s when he saw two eyes staring back.

A San Francisco resident was jogging along Ocean Beach when they heard something strange. While it sounded likе a dog barking, there appeared to be no dog or human in sight. The jogger decided to get closer to the rocks where he heard the muffled sound.

Somehow he was able to spot a dog through the piled rocks. The dog was completely buried under them. The only thing visible was the pup’s tiny scared face.

The jogger contacted the San Francisco Animal Care and Control. That organization rushed down the area which was near the sewage treatment plant. “It is beyond lucky that we even got this call,” San Francisco Animal Care and Control said in an Instagram post. “It was low tide, and the water, while not very close at this point, was coming in.”

The jogger had already left before Animal Control Officer Ortega arrived at the scene. However, the jogger did send animal control a pin of the dog’s location and picture.

“I started looking at all the rocks on the cliffside, trying to match the pattern of the rocks in the picture with what I was looking at in front of me,” Ortega said. “But the entire area looked identical to what the picture looked likе.” Ortega was able to locate the area shown in the photos after about 15 minutes. He knew he had to move fast before the water started rising. Ortega moved several large rocks in order to unearth spaces that looked likе they were big enough to hold a dog. Ortega was about to call for backup and took one last look at the rocks when he saw a dog staring back at him. The poor dog was so scared that she was shivering and completely silent. Ortega put his hand out and the dog allowed him to pet her. She even nuzzled up against him.

Apparently, the dog’s owner had already reported her missing. The 1-year-old Springer Spaniel was named Gwen. Ortega was eventually able to put a leash on Gwen and lift her out of the rocks.

Check out the organization’s full Facebook post below!

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