Dumρеd mama dоg dеsρеratеIy сradIing ρuρρy in thе strееt is оνеrjоyеd tо sее hеr rеsсuеrs

Jen and Roman McConn of Project Freedom Ride rushed over to a location they had heard about on Facebook where three dogs had been âbаndơnеd.

Their hearts sank when they arrived at the scene to find a mother dog cradling one of her puppies on the cold ground.
Not all stray dogs want help, so the McConns gently approached the family in case they weren’t friendly.

To make matters worse, Jen McConn reported that the dogs were battered and that one of the puppies had died and was left in the cage. Thankfully, the dogs were affectionate, and this mom wanted help.
Somehow she knew the McConns were the ones who could help her.
“It was amazing,” Jen McConn said. “It was likе she immediately knew they were safe.”

The McConns took the mom and her puppy into their rеscuе and reached out to friend Becky McArdle to see if she could help get the doggo family an appointment with their vet. The dogs were found to be fairly healthy, though they had a bad case of worms and mange. McConn believes that the dogs were dumреd at the site and weren’t strays because they were found with a cage.

She was extremely upset to see such loving animals treated this way.
In a message to the dog’s abusers on Instagram, she told them there is a special place somewhere not so nice that they are destined to dwell.
“I don’t understand, will never understand, how people can be so heartless with innocent helpless lives. Thank you for giving them a new life,” one of McConn’s Instagram followers said.

But McConn was still grateful that these dogs would now have a much better future.

“To Momma and her pup … although we are so sorry for all you have experienced in life so far … it lead you to us! You now have names and we promise you that your life just did a 180,” McCann wrote.

The mother dog was named Mina, which McCann says means “defender,” “protector,” or “with a gilded helmet.”
Mina’s pup was named Milo which means “soldier” or “merciful.”

The two dogs got a nice bath and relaxed in their new foster home.
They didn’t love the whole bath part, but they knew they were still safe.

The dogs were reportedly so happy after their bath that they were playing around, wagging their tails and giving lots of kisses.
“It was great. I think Mina felt likе she could finally relax. She didn’t need to protect Milo anymore,” McConn said.
Mom and her pup are expected to hang around their foster home for a few months until they are nice and healthy.

Then McConn will set out to find them a permanent home.
These poor dogs went from a life filled with abuse, nеglесt, and uncertainty.
Thanks to Project Freedom Ride and their friends, their lives are now filled with love and will be for the rest of their lives.

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