Fаmily Dơg Mаkеs а Vеry Dаring Jưmp ơưt ơf Windơw Tơ еsсаpе Bưrning Hơmе

It is said that cats have 9 lives as they can survivе a very long fall and land on their feet. But this dog can also be in this list! The dog did not hesitate for one second to make a huge leap to escape a burning house in Fleetwood, Berks County.

The dog was spotted by Justin Steinmetz, a passerby, who was driving to work, according to NBC Philadelphia. Thankfully, there was no people inside the house — the children were at school, and the adults were at work.

Seeing that, Justin tried frantically to get help, and he was able to get another driver to contact the authorities! Anyway, they used a hose to put the fire down, but it did not work!

When the firefighters arrived, they saw Charlie, the family’s dog, from the window of the second floor! While Justin was recording, the dog was coaxed by the firefighters to jump, and that’s what happened! Thankfully, he made a great leap to stay alive, and he he is now safe! How brave! Watch the video below.

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