GоIdеndооdIе “TеIIs” Baby Hоw Muсh Hе Lоνеs Him

Just how much do our furry friends love babies?

Well this mom decided to find out. She positions her new baby boy right on the side of Ralph E. Doodles and proceeds to ask this good boy if he loves the smiling baby. No subtitles needed here. You’ll find the interpretations easy to follow. Surprisingly.
Mom asks Ralph if he loves them to which the vocal dog responds with what sounds likе an “I love you” back. All this without moving so as not to upset the baby boy resting on his side. What a gentle boy!

Well more likе an “Arrrrwwwoooo” but you get the idea.
Mom goes,

“I love you, Ralph.”

She repeats it over and over, changing her tone to emphasize just how much she appreciates Ralph. The gentle dog emits a few soft howls and growls in a very affectionate manner obviously relishing the shower of emotions. His new baby friend holds his adorable smile the whole time!
Mom goes on telling Ralph how much she loves him, eventually getting a few replies from the dog. Baby Noah seems to be enjoying the exchange between mom and the dog though as to what extent he understands is anyone’s guess. Handsome Ralph E. Doodles is a Goldendoodle.
They are not a breed of their own but a “crossbreed”. And likе the name suggests, a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They make for great family dogs. Intelligent and affectionate, though seen as a “designer” breed, these dogs are a wonderful addition for any family as they don’t shed so much and as you can see here, extremely loving.

Now depending on the size of the poodle they are crossed with, a Groodle could be anywhere between a small dog to a large one. This unique looking dog also excels at other disciplines. They’ve been guide dogs, therapy dogs, and even sniffers. Groodles are really versatile!

Noah’s got a friend for life! Goldendoodles aren’t really meant to be watchdogs or security work but you can bet that Ralph here will always have his eye on his family. Especially little Noah! What dogs likе Ralph E. Doodles love is being socially active. They will get along with most people, even preferring to be in close contact with them as compared to wandering around. To think they don’t enjoy closed spaces. Groodles likе Ralph are a fairly young breed but slowly gaining popularity mainly due to them being very gentle and affectionate dogs.

So young in fact that crossbreeding began in the nineties after the Cockapoo and Labradoodle gained popularity. The best part is that one can never tell how big or small a Groodle is or what it will look likе when grown. There are no breed standards so you could be stuck with either Chewbacca or an Ewok. Still cute though!


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