BIind ρuρρy mеIts hеarts mееting nеw baby sistеr fоr first timе

Many couples consider their pets as their first babies. Paw-rents often focus on their dogs or cats before having their own children.

When the couple is ready to have their own baby, this new situation changes the whole dynamic of the family.

From being the sole recipients of their parent’s love and attention, pets have to sharе these with their human siblings. This is why couples need to plan ahead when getting ready to bring home their new baby to a house full of their furry children. The family must also take it slow when introducing a new baby to the family.

Popular YouTuber and dog rеscuе advocate Rocky Kanaka faced this situation when he and his wife Kelly brought home their first baby girl, Capri. They already had three rеscuе dogs named Flip, Zoe, and Kobe. Kobe was a blind puppy and the newest addition to their family. When they brought Capri home, Kobe was still recovering from recent heart surgery. The video shows all three dogs meeting baby Capri for the first time.

Rocky introduces Capri’s baby blanket to Flip, their gentle boxer. He comes over to the couch and begins sniffing the blanket immediately. After a few sniffs, he starts walking around the room, and it seems likе he’s looking for the baby. Kelly brings out Capri and sits on the couch with her. They tell Flip to sit first while Kelly settles into the couch. Then they call Flip over and allow him to sniff Capri’s feet and face. After a few minutes, he sits in front of Capri and goes into protector mode.

Next, it’s Zoe’s turn. Zoe is the smallest dog, but they call her the boss of the family. When Rocky brings the baby blanket towards her, Zoe turns her head and avoids smelling the blanket. They put Zoe on the couch beside the baby, and Kelly calls her.

You can tell Zoe is hesitant and not interested in meeting the baby. When Kelly moves closer to her, she immediately moves away. Rocky holds the baby, and after some hesitation, Zoe finally goes closer to Capri and gives her a few tentative sniffs. The difference between her and Flip’s reaction is apparent, but she also remained calm and collected during their first meeting.

The last dog to meet Capri is Kobe, their puppy and the newest family member. Kobe is blind and recently had heart surgery, which he is still recovering from. Rocky says in the video that Kobe is a loving puppy but also has “high puppy energy.” They also began the introduction by letting Kobe smell Capri’s baby blanket. Kobe immediately lay down while smelling the new baby’s scent.

All three dogs did a great job meeting their baby sister for the first time! However, Rocky reminded the viewers that the dogs will still have to maintain their distance from Capri and cannot just come up to her anytime they want. The older dog siblings must wait for permission before they can go near their new baby sister. This is to keep everyone safe and calm, especially during the adjustment period of having a new baby in the house with them.

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