Dоg mеIts hеarts with ’еmоtiоnaI’ first mееting with nеw baby brоthеr

They were besties from the start. Chole was thrilled about her new brother Cody before they even met.

Chole was very excited when her mom was pregnant. But after 9 months of waiting, the curly-haired dog finally got to meet her little human brother. And their first meeting was caught on video. Chloe was so excited that she practically broke through the door.

Chloe was being held on the leash by one of her moms and tried her best to run toward the baby when the door opened a crack. Mom had to do her best to hold Chloe back. Chloe scurried right over to her little baby bro with extreme excitement. She went right up to her brother and started kissing his face.

Mom had to pull her back because she was so excited. Chloe wagged her tail wildly as she sniffed out her new bro. Chloe then calmed down a bit. She decided it was time to get cozy. She laid down next to the baby and let mom pet her. She just looked at the baby in awe and up at her moms likе, “Look at this guy… isn’t he the coolest?”

Chloe gave her brother a few more kisses and tried to cozy up to him before she got distracted by mom’s belly rubs. But she couldn’t contain her excitement, she just got right back up and started sniffing Cody out again. She was obsessed and just wanted to be near her new best bud.

Sweet Chloe was in total awe of the newborn. And the internet was in awe of Chloe’s reaction to her baby bro. The video of their first meeting was viewed more than 18.1 million times. People were just gushing over the cuteness and how excited Chloe was in the comments. “She couldn’t control her love… this is so cute!” wrote one commenter. “I would just say Cody has met his first best friend, beautiful Chloe,” said another.

BabyCenter reports that pets should be well-behaved and supervised when meeting new babies for the first time. It’s important to give your pet lots of attention when a baby is introduced. Sometimes a pet can be jealous when a new baby arrives. So, it’s important to give your pet attention around the baby to keep jealous behavior to a minimum.

But it doesn’t seem that Chloe has any jealous feelings toward her baby bro. They absolutely love each other and couldn’t be closer. Chloe delights in being a big sister and is always hanging around her little bro. She loves to play and watch over him. They even dressed up as Belle and Beast for Halloween!

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