Dоg in shеItеr fоr 500 days bоunсеs with ехсitеmеnt Iеaνing with nеw fоrеνеr dad

Bonita had been stuck in the shelter longer than any other dog – but it was finally her turn.

We know we couldn’t help all strays and rеscuеs out there, and the least we could do is to give them a better life than they would in the streets or abusive homes. However, it would be nice to provide them with a loving home, even a foster one, wouldn’t it? Ah, the dream. Some people would often look for the oldest one in the shelter.

They may be old – a senior pet – or the one in the shelter the longest. Some of these people are also elderly and prefer a pet who doesn’t need to play or walk around as much. Others have the heart to savе them.

Ray Kinz had that idea in mind when he went to Niagara SPCA.

He decided to visit his local shelter to adơрt a dog and give it a furever home. But he had one condition in mind: it should be the oldest dog in the shelter the longest.
He decided to do that because he could not imagine a dog being in a shelter for too long. 

At that time, Bonita was already six years old and was in the shelter for 500 days. Kimberly said that she came to their shelter as a stray, and they did not know her background or history. People visiting the shelter always passed by her kennel, but no one seemed interested in adơрting an older dog.

All Bonita and Niagara SPCA wanted was for her to have a loving home.

It was difficult to see her getting passed up for that chance. The shelter was likе a family to Bonita since she’s been there for so long. Little did she know, she would have a new family soon. You could see Bonita’s excitement as Kimberly prepared the leash to take her out of the kennel.

She was wagging her tail, and her energy couldn’t be contained. She knew something good was about to happen and couldn’t wait to meet her hooman. Finally, this was her time. Bonita excitedly met Ray outside the kennel, who would finally be taking her to a forever home.

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