Stray dоg rеρеatеdIy stеaIs a uniсоrn tоy frоm thе stоrе untiI an оffiсеr arriνеs & gifts it tо him

The dog had the cops called on him but when the officer arrived she realized this unicorn stuffed animal was no ordinary toy for the dog.

Sisu is a beautiful dog, who most likеly once belonged to a family, and then he found himself alone on the street.

The dog drew the public’s attention last year, when he repeatedly tried to steal a stuffed purple unicorn from a Dollar General store in North Carolina. After the dog had gotten into the store several times, the store workers had to lock the door and call Duplin County Animal Services.

A staff member at the store called Animal Control, and reported the attempted theft. Samantha Lane, the officer who responded to the call admitted it was one of the weirdest calls so far. The woman soon arrived at the store and saw the dog who was accused of trying to steal a stuffed animal.

When Lane saw the pup, she knew he needed the stuffed animal for comfort. Unable to resist his- literally- puppy eyes, she bought the $10-worth toy for him.

The woman even found a name for him.

She named the pup Sisu, after the dragon cartoon character in Disney’s new film, Raya and the Last Dragon.

When the dog finally got offered the coveted toy, he was excited and willing to follow Lane anywhere.

The woman took Sisu to a local shelter, where he was taken in and checked by the shelter’s staff.

They could tell there was something special about the toy for him, they just couldn’t figure out what it was exactly. But they could only make a guess.
“The only thing we can think is that he came from a home where he had a similar stuffed animal or kids in the home did,” Joe Newburn, a supervisor at Duplin County Animal Services, told People.

They soon posted about the stray dog, narrating his unique story.

“This is what happens when you break into the dollar general consistently to steal the purple unicorn that you laid claim to but then get animal control called to lock you up,” the caption reads.

In the same post, they went on to highlight the important stuff about Sisu.

He was one at the time, very vocal, obedient, and responsive to basic commands.

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