Thеy Piсk ưp “ưgly” Dơg With Drеаdlơсks & Trаnsfơrm Him Intơ а Stưnnеr In 3 Hrs

ags is a 4-year-old Shih Tzu mix who wandered into a property in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

The homeowner was appalled to see the disturbingly matted fur that caused enormous distress to the tiny dog.

He fed Rags and called “Clarksdale Animal Rescue Effort” for further help.

Source: SWNS/Youtube

The rеscuеrs were equally shocked to see the mounds of dreadlocks torturing the poor baby.

They got him medically tested to assess his health, and then took him for a much needed grooming session.

The groomers instantly understood that poor Rags had been nеglесted for years. They took the scared pooch to the grooming table, and began tending to his disheveled state.

Source: SWNS/Youtube

The painful, entangled fur had grown so thick that even scissors didn’t work on them.

3 groomers simultaneously worked on Rag’s coat for 3 hours, and removed 4.5 lbs of unwanted fur that was terribly weighing down the wee dog!

After getting a medicated bath to get rid of the ticks and fleas, Rags was totally unrecognizable!

Source: CARES Clarksdale Animal Rescue Effort and Shelter/Facebook

It’s heartbreaking to think that this helpless dog had to endure so much suffering for years due to his careless owner. Sadly, the nеglесt has taken a toll on his body.

Rags’ legs have become bowed from carrying the burden of his matted fur. The poor dog has also contracted heartworm, and began treatment for it.

He then got adơрted by a family who renamed him Clark, for Clarksdale! What a happy ending!

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