This Pưppy аlwаys Bơnds With Thе Flưffiеst Dơgs аt Dаy саrе Sơ Shе саn ưsе Thеm аs а Pillơw

We all have our strengths. Some of us are good at singing, others are good at cooking, and some people a great at making paper aeroplanes.

And dogs, too, all have different strengths; for example, some pups are great at being pillows, and some pups, likе little Edna here, are great at spotting those fluffy, comfy, pillowy canines.

Brianna Gottfried
Edna is a sweet little pup who’s been going to puppy daycare for most of her life.

She loves playing with the other pups and usually has so much fun that she’s completely exhausted after a few hours.

Brianna Gottfried

But when it’s time to nap, Edna isn’t satisfied with curling up in some corner or on top of a regular old blanket.

No, Edna craves ultimate comfort and that only means one thing: sleeping on top of another pup.

Brianna Gottfried

Every day, Edna picks out a comfy-looking dog to nap on and makes herself comfortable.

And who can blame her? We all know that cuddling up to a cuddly pup is one of the best feelings in the world.

Brianna Gottfried
And her friends don’t mind that she uses them as living pillows. Getting to snuggle up with Edna is a joy, not a chore.

After a long day of playing, all pups are quite pleased to get to take a nice, long nap alongside their friends.

Once Edna’s found the perfect pup to nap on it can be difficult to wake her up again.

The little girl is just so comfortable that she’s barely aware of the world around her.

Brianna Gottfried
“When it’s time to go home I always have to peel her off of another dog,” one of Edna’s family members revealed in an interview with The Dodo.

Brianna Gottfried

It’s no wonder Edna loves going to doggy daycare.

Playing with other pups for hours on end and then topping the day off with a long nice nap on top of a fluffy dog sounds likе heaven.

We’d want to go every day if only we were allowed!

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