GоIdеn Rеtriеνеr dad mеIts 2.6 miIIiоn hеarts mееting his 11 ρuρρiеs fоr thе first timе

The first meeting between a father and his new child is an amazing thing to witness; the love, compassion, and daunting fear are always palpable.

But what if that 1 new child was actually 11 new children?

For one golden retriever father, he was about to step into a situation in which his life would never be the same. This proud father was excited to finally meet his new babies and overwhelmed when he first saw them and their energy. He nervously peeked at his brood through the slats in their gate and was slightly hesitant before entering into the stronghold.

The American Kennel Club recommends male dogs be separated from their newborn puppies for about 4 weeks. And judging from how lively the bunch were when he first saw them, they were definitely a little older.

He sniffed at and watched the group from the other side of the barricade before he finally went in. While this father remained quiet and composed on the face of things, his excessively wagging tail told a different story.

It took a few moments for him to gather his courage in order to enter their area, and once he did he was overwhelmed with fluff. All 11 of the puppies needed to check out his this new big guy was who was entering their domain.

Lots of gentle sniffing and nosing and pawing later, the group had finally had their fill of the new big guy and began to leave him alone and let him explore. The father kept a close eye on the brood as they began to prepare themselves for a big snooze, remaining ever watchful over his young family. He leapt up on the couch so he could get the perfect vantage point to keep an eye on everything, and watched over his babies to ensure their safety.

Though he was thrust into the life of fatherhood quite abruptly, this mature dog took to it quickly. He remains gentle with his children, letting them explore, but never too far from his safe watch. He also seems to trust his human companions outright and knows that they will help him to take care of his children.

There is the old saying that “It take a village to raise a child”, but in this case, it takes a brave father dog and his trusty humans. As the puppies continue to grow and mature, the humans in the family are looking for new homes for all 11 babies and are looking for families who have as much love to sharе as they do. Surely it will be an adjustment for the new father; to go from just meeting all his babies to having to watch them eventually go to new home.

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