Dоg ImmеdiatеIy Thanкs Thе Man Whо Saνеd Him Frоm Dеath Rоw

Schenley Hutson Kirk felt she had to act when she saw Gregory’s image on the euthanasia list at the Franklin County Shelter and Adoption Center in Ohio.

The small beagle had been found wandering near Obetz, Ohio, most likеly âbаndơnеd by his owners, and looked to be in great condition – with one exception. His heartworm test came up positive at the shelter during his health and behavior exam.

Despite the fact that the 2-year-old puppy was full of energy and exceedingly sociable, he was categorized as “rеscuе only” owing to a medical condition (the treatment for which, according to the shelter, would cost $400).


Fortunately for Gregory, Kirk and her husband Joe founded Hound Rescue and Sanctuary, and they understood the small pup still had so lot to contribute. They gave up everything to preserve his life, never expecting the dog to repay the favor.

They were mistaken.

Kirk told The Dodo, “My husband took the day off work to go to the shelter, while I stayed at home to care for the other rеscuе dogs.” “On the drive home, he decided to take a couple selfies of our new rеscuе, which I chastised him for because he’s not supposed to take pictures while driving — but I couldn’t protest too much considering the shots he caught.”

Gregory wanted to get as near to Joe as possible during his two-hour “freedom ride,” despite the fact that he had only met him for the first time.

Gregory’s leash, tethered in the backseat for safety, was barely long enough for him to reach Joe’s shoulder. Kirk couldn’t believe what she saw when she received Joe’s text with the photographs.


“[Joe] sent me three images, the last of which showed tiny Gregory leaning forward, as if to say, ‘You savеd my life.’ Kirk stated, “I knew I was going to die at that shelter, but you savеd me today.” “And it’s as if he knows his life has been spared simply by the expression in his eyes — the thanks, the appreciation, and the love he has for this small puppy.”

Gregory, who is now recovering in the Kirks’ home, makes it a point to express his gratitude every day. Kirk said, “He’s an amazing doll.” “He’s kind and affectionate, and he adores kisses.” In the house, he’s really well-behaved.”

Gregory is learning basic instructions likе sit and remain, and he looks to be house-trained, as he complete his month-long antibiotic treatment and begins his heartworm meds. Kirk said, “He’s really laid-back, pretty happy-go-lucky, and his favorite thing to do is get a lot of affection from his humans.”

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