Man соnsidеrs sеIIing his hоmе tо соνеr dоg’s $24K νеt biIIs

We all say that we’d do anything for our pets, and most of us truly mean that. The lengths some people go to for their pets is incredible, and this article is about one such story.

Jaxon Feeley was in an incredibly dire situation when his dog, Rambo, suffered hypovolemic shock.

A hypovolemic shock is a dangеrous issue when a significant loss of blood or fluid makes it difficult for the heart to pump blood to your body. Not something you’d ever want to deal with, and it’s certainly one of the worst things that could happen to a dog.

Rambo, a Weimaraner, was in a lot of pain. She couldn’t eat and was vomiting 30 times all through the night.

Rambo developed it beside gastroenteritis too. Poor girl.

Jaxon took her to intensive care, and that’s when another dire situation happened.

There, Rambo was getting the care she needed. They tended to her and monitored her condition.

Rambo further developed pneumonia and suffered a collapsed lung. It was likе things wouldn’t stop for poor Rambo.

Naturally, Jaxon was heartbrơkеn and terrified. Rambo was his baby girl and he couldn’t bear the thought of losing her.

The veterinary center had to monitor Rambo every second of every day. They had to pay careful attention to her 24/7.

And when those medical bills started piling up, they didn’t stop.

Rambo wasn’t getting better either – at least, not yet.

They needed to drain fluid from one of her lungs and there was a possibility that an abscess could have formed in one of them.

If the vets’ concerns turned out to be right about Rambo having an abscess in her lungs, then that would be life-thrеatening.

Intensive care is no joke. Insurance covered Rambo for up to £6,500, but the bill went far above that at £11,500.

A single day in the intensive care unit costs around £1,000 a day. And you wonder why the NHS means so much to people in the U.K.

Jaxon was so worried that he slept in his car to be nearby at all times. He even thought of selling his house to pay for it all.

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