Tоugh ρit buII Iоокs aftеr tiny ρuρρy ρrоνing hе’s thе bеst babysittеr arоund

Parents sharе a special bond with their kids and that’s still the case in the animal world, especially with dogs and cats.

Meet this adorable duo.

While we don’t know their names, it’s evident that the young pup is in excellent care with a much larger dog.

There’s no mention as to what their relationship is, but the way the tiny puppy is sitting snugly by the bigger dog indicates a genuine closeness between them.

The big one is a very handsome American Pit Bull.

His shiny coat is an almost black-likе dark brown. His face is typical of his breed. Serious, intimidating, with very alert eyes. Check out those muscles too!

This bro hits the gym!

Small and white, with a very innocent face full of curiosity and wonder. It’s a good thing he’s got that huge guy with him. Flex those pecs, big boy! Someone’s got to knock out annoying cats for the little guy!

There’s a stereotype associated with this breed, but in fact, any untrained pet can be dangеrous, especially with a nеglесtful owner. Yes, they look menacing, but this misunderstood breed is intelligent, strong, courageous, and many other wonderful attributes any dog lover would want in a pet. They love people, demanding affection and attention to the point that they can even fail as guard dogs. Drake Announces Tour With 21 Savage Keep Watching

Look at how gentle and protective this big guy is with the little one.

This big boy also has a pair of very gentle eyes.

He will definitely defend this pup and his humans but you get the feeling that he would love to have some cuddles from a new friend too.

This big, muscular breed is known for jumping up people’s laps just so they can soak in all the love.

This puppy had no intentions of leaving his guardian’s side. Or neck. He knows no harm will come to him. Just look at the size of that big guy! An observant viewer says, “Pup isn’t even the size of big dog’s paw.” That’s a huge paw. Good for slugging it out with anyone who messes with his “Tyke”.

Can you imagine having these two in your house? Must be the best thing ever. Easy way to get rid of the stress life gives. Pit Bulls enjoy a lot of care and attention so you can imagine how much fun it is having to take care of these two. No way these dogs are starved of affection.

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