Abаndơnеd Blind Dơg сlưng Lơvingly Tơ Hеr Rеsсưеr In Fеаr ơf Bеing аbаndơnеd аgаin

Beautiful 18-year-old blind dog named Muneca was given to the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center in Los Angeles, California, since her owner “couldn’t” continue to care for her. This dog’s life had a significant upheaval since she was аbаndơnеd exactly when she most needed company.

Muneca received the required veterinary attention as soon as she got to the shelter. The fact that this dog has hearing issues in addition to losing her vision and having fleas on her made the rеscuеrs believe that her previous owner was not properly caring for her.

The Tuesday after Muneca arrived at the rеscuе facility, Elaine Seamans paid the dog a visit. Immediately, the dog clung to Seamans, seeking affection and protection, and refusing to let her go.

John Hwang, a man who visited the animal rеscuе facility for a photographic project, managed to capture the poignant scene. These pictures went viral on social media and raised a lot of controversy.

Hwang told The Dodo, “Elaine was holding the puppy when I came to the shelter. She was being held upon by the bitch.

She continues, “Elaine is fantastic with pets.” “She loves the shelter dogs while they tumble about on the ground. She has a strong sense of chemistry with them. She enjoys capturing that.”

In the end, Hwang says, “I want the person looking at the photo to feel a connection.” “The viewer of the image will feel it too if I can capture the right kind of connection,” the artist says.

Source: dailyphew.com

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