GоIdеn rеtriеνеr faIIs in Iоνе with nеwbоrn baby and wоn’t Iеaνе his sidе

More or less we all know that it’s beneficial for children to grow up with dogs.

First of all, babies that grow up in a household that has a pet dog are less likеly to develop some types of allergies, while they have been found to have a boosted immune system, especially during the first year of life.

Moreover, as obvious as it may sound, it is also a crucial life skiII that children develop when growing up with dogs.

They learn to take on certain- small at the beginning- responsibilities, such as being soft and gentle while touching them.

But, one of the biggest benefits of having a dog as a child is that you’ll have a best friend growing up.

A buddy that will love you unconditionally and will never leave your side.

Just likе the Golden Retriever in this video, who has just met his new human brother.

The family initially had three Malamutes, and they have actually become popular on social media through their videos, but last year, they welcomed a new member to the family.

So, up until last month there were three humans- mom, dad, and little daughter-, the malamutes, a cat named Milo, and Buddy the Golden.

A few weeks ago, mom Emma gave birth to baby Nathan, and the family couldn’t be more excited.

Shane and Emma just couldn’t wait to introduce the baby boy to his human big sis Amelia, and his several furry siblings.

As dad Shane sharеd on Instagram, actually one of the dogs was shaking with excitement when he got to meet the new member of their family.

It seems that all the dogs instantly fell in love with the newborn, and they kind of took turns guarding him while he was sleeping, but one of them just wouldn’t leave his side.
“This Golden retriever meets newborn baby and then he never leaves his side! He follows him everywhere, well he doesn’t get very far he gets carried but he’s a little shadow. I don’t know what it is about all of our dogs but they just go into little fluffy protector mode,” dad Shane sharеd.
It’s lovely to see the connection the dog and the baby are already developing. What an amazing duo they will be in the future.

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