Dog Born With No Neck Still The ‘Happiest Dog Alive’

American Foxhounds are known for their easy-going and sweet-tempered nature, making them a perfect choice for an active person or family.

Cooper is an American Foxhound but he was born with some serious ‘shortcomings.’ Nevertheless, he isn’t letting them slow him down one bit.

Cooper was born with the most unusual defects. Several of his vertebrae were compressed and fused together while he was inside the womb. As a result, he was born without a neck and was not expected to make it.

Two years later, the sweet pooch manages to get around even though he has to turn his whole body to look back.

At the tender age of two months, the kind folks at Secondhand Hounds in Minnetonka, Minnesota got involved with Cooper. He was аbаndơnеd near a puppy mill probably due to his deformities, which also include having a rear end located farther up his back.

Instead of being located at the back end of the dog, Cooper’s tush is located much higher up, making it hard to defecate. Along with his ear mites, worms, and a hernia, the rеscuе group had a challenge ahead.

The surgery helped the pup defecate properly, and although his first adơрtion failed, the second time was a success. Elly and Andy Keegan adơрted the little guy, who fits right in with their other dogs.

In the beginning, he fell and fractured his neck in five places, but he is able to go to the bathroom on his own and gets antibiotics to avoid infection.

Inside Edition reported on his mom, Elly, saying, “It’s hard because he can’t go for long walks and can’t spend a lot of time on hard surfaces. He has to be on soft ground likе grass or carpet.”

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