Husкy nеgIесtеd and Iеft in baскyard fоr yеars is finaIIy frее thanкs tо dеdiсatеd nеighbоr

Going for walks each day, playing a game of fetch, giving them treats, and playing with toys are everyday activities for our pooches.

Unfortunately, not all dogs get to experience these activities, just likе Joey, a beautiful Siberian Husky. Lee Asher, The Asher House’s founder, has received several emails about Joey.

According to the information that they have gathered, Joey lives with a family that keeps him in their backyard regardless of the weather.

They also don’t give him toys, walks, activities, or even treats.

One neighbor had seen this and felt the need to voice their worries for the pup. She said she had been giving Joey food through the fence.

The kind neighbor had also tried her best to talk to Joey’s owner.

She stated that the dog required more affection, care, and attention, and if they couldn’t provide for him, they could take him in and give him the better life he deserved.

Joey’s owner was firm with her decision. She didn’t want to give up Joey.

“I’m not going to give up on you,” the kind neighbor said to Joey. She continued to feed the dog through the fence, sometimes talking to him. She was also the one who reached out to Lee about Joey’s condition.

Lee came to see Joey, and the neighbor said that lately, Joey’s owner had allowed her to bring Lee over, even giving him consent to spend a day with the dog. The neighbor warned Lee that Joey didn’t have any other human interaction, and, true enough, the dog became overly excited upon seeing Lee.

Lee made sure that Joey listened, and when he calmed down, he attached a leash and gave the dog his first walk.

As Lee walked Joey outside, the sight and smell of his front yard amazed the poor dog.

It was his first time being outside his backyard.

Click the video below to learn more about Joey’s first taste of freedom!

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