RесеntIy adоρtеd dоg сan’t соntain ехсitеmеnt whеn dad arriνеs hоmе

Who’s excited to see her daddy?

Kira sits outside with her mommy, patiently waiting for her daddy to come home. She keeps peeking toward the street for any sign of her dad. At first, she was looking at the different things happening around her. She was distracted by the things moving around her.

But then, she seemed to sense that it was almost time for dad to come home.

He’s almost here!

When she sensed that, she kept her eyes on the road, where her dad will come from.

Kira wasn’t budging.

She kept her eyes in one spot because she didn’t want to miss her dad’s arrival. When he finally appeared, Kira couldn’t contain herself! She didn’t know if she was going to jump on her chair or jump off to go to him.

Can you guess what she did?

Did she jump on her chair or off the chair?

If you guessed that she jumреd off the chair, then you’re right! Kira jumреd off and ran to the gate to greet her dad. Her tail and her behind kept wagging uncontrollably. She kept jumping up and down!

She couldn’t hide her excitement at seeing her dad!

At this moment, Kira has already been living with her human mom and dad for a year now since she was adơрted from the shelter.But it feels likе she was only adơрted yesterday judging by her reaction to seeing her dad return home. Her dad teased her a little bit by staying on the other side of the gate and just staring at her. But it looks likе he was trying to check if their dog training was working.

Kira wanted to jump over the gate to her dad but he told her to stay. She tried to sit still but her excitement still showed with her wagging behind. When her dad tried to open the gate, she was getting ready to pounce on him. He noticed it and told her to stay before he opened the gate. Kira understood what he said and she tried her best to stay. She couldn’t sit still but she could stay there.

Her dad fully opened the gate, looked at her, and said okay.

When she heard that word, okay, Kira jumреd on her dad so happy to see him again and be with him. She wanted to run and hug him and kiss him but she didn’t know what to do first.

Her dad knew she wanted to do all of those things so he just waited to see what Kira wanted to do first.

We don’t know if this happens every day when her mom and dad come home after being out all day. Or maybe her dad has been on a trip away from them for a few days and that’s why Kira was so excited to see him again.

Want to see this wonderful reunion between a dog and her dad? Watch the video below.

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