Wоman rеunitеs with IittIе dоg whо’s bееn missing fоr yеar and сan’t соntain jоy

Microchipping savеs lives. Or at least it helps find missing dogs and cats.

And it helped this homeless dog who was found living near a cemetery in Texas and taken in by a local animal clinic.

Local residents discovered this little dog living near a cemetery. They couldn’t get enough information about the dog because every time anyone got close to her, they were met with a growl. This didn’t stop the local residents from taking care of the dog. They brought food, water, and even bedding.

But it was always from a distance.

They were still worried, though, because without anyone watching the dog, it could get in trouble. The dog might get injured or get into fatal trouble. A woman taking care of the dog from a distance decided to get in touch with a local animal shelter, Nicholas Pet Haven, for help.

When the rеscuеrs arrived at the spot the dog was seen, they discovered there was another person helping her.

Dr. Harshivinderjit S. Bains, who owned a clinic nearby, was also providing the dog with food, water, bedding, and even some temporary shelter. It was the same case with him. Despite all the help, the dog still would not let the doctor near. Dr. Bains did not give up though. He continued to help the dog. And once the dog has fully trusted him, he was going to take it and give him a home.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t working with Dr. Bains.

The dog needed shelter now and he knew the rеscuеrs were the dog’s best options for the fall and winter seasons.

Nicholas Pet Haven’s rеscuеrs didn’t waste any time.

They set up a trap to lure the dog and rеscuе it safely, which they did later that night. Now, they were able to take the dog to the shelter and take care of its matted hairs and burrs all over its body.

And the best part of capturing the dog?

The shelter found out the dog was microchipped and her name is Truvy. They called the number on the microchip and the person who answered jumреd for joy. They finally found their Truvy!

Amy Logan, the person who answered the call, said that they had moved to Texas a year ago, 13 months ago, to be exact.

That was also around the time they Iơst Truvy. Truvy squeezed herself through the iron fence and ran off.

“[When Truvy went missing,] we immediately canvassed the neighborhood, on foot and in cars,” Amy sharеd. “For the next few months, I drove, searching for her. I also emailed all the vet clinics, shelters, and rеscuе groups within 60 miles in case she was picked up by someone that wasn’t local.”

They began to lose hope when they couldn’t find her. They updated Truvy’s microchip but months passed by with no news.

That’s why when they got the call from the shelter, they were ecstatic. It was a miracle!

Amy and her husband rushed to the shelter with Truvy’s canine sister. Truvy was inside one of the rooms and when the door was opened, she rushed towards the door. Amy, her husband, and their other dog were all on the other side. Truvy hesitated before coming closer, though.

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