MiIitary dоg stеρs оff еIеνatоr and sееs handIеr fоr first timе in 3 yеars

Military and police officers often work together with a K9 dog.

For them, these dogs are not only their partners in the field but a best friend and forever buddy. Most of the time, these service dogs get separated from their former handlers as they continue to serve the military and police force.

Meanwhile, most handlers, especially those in the military, would go home after their service leaving their partner K9s behind. More often than not, this is one of the most heartbreaking things they must face after their service – to part with their trusted partner.

This is why there are organizations that aim to reunite a handler with their K9.

Mission K9 Rescue is one of them, and they’ve been trying to reunite dogs with their handlers or give them a new home after the K9 dogs retire.

It may be very challenging since doing so would entail spending quite a lot of money to transport the dog. But there’s nothing more rewarding for these organizations when they see man and dog reunited after all those years.

One of their most heartwarming reunions was Enzo.

Sergeant Joe Stasio was Enzo’s K9 handler, and the two served in the Marines for more than a year in Kuwait. After their service, Sgt. Stasio had to go back to his home in Buffalo, New York. However, Enzo had to stay behind. That was 2017.

Three years later, it was finally time for Enzo to retire. Mission K9 Rescue made it a point that they not only send him back home but to retire in the arms of his former handler.

The non-profit organization assisted in transporting Enzo from North Carolina to Buffalo.

Sergeant Stasio was waiting outside one of the Buffalo/Niagara International Airport elevators, waiting for his old buddy to emerge. Holding Enzo’s old leash and a toy as a gift, he could only hope Enzo still remembered him.

According to Sergeant Stasio, when they (military) go to service, they spend a lot of time together keeping all those memories. But the moment they are sent home, all those are dispersed, which seems so distant now.

But not with their K9 buddies, not with Enzo.

The moment Enzo went out of the elevator door, and as Sergeant Stasio bent on his knees to greet an old friend, it was likе no time had passed. Enzo went directly to Sergeant Stasio and showed his love and affection for his former handler. It was a beautiful and heartwarming reunion indeed.

Sergeant Stasio had an ideal retirement in mind for Enzo.

He thought of spending his old buddy’s retirement with good food, watching TV, and having a lot of fun times. That good boy deserved nothing but the best after serving in the military and the country.

Sergeant Stasio couldn’t imagine how this was all possible, and he thanked Mission K9 Rescue for all their efforts. Of course, including all those who dơnatеd money to take care of Enzo’s homecoming.

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