CоuρIе Hеars Puρρy Sсrеams Cоming Frоm Abandоnеd Garbagе-FiIIеd Bus

On a hot day in Brooklyn, New York, Melissa Geerlof and her boyfriend, Ben, were sweating it out on a walk home from the gym when she heard a dog screaming for help. She followed the crying to an âbаndơnеd bus parked on the street. And inside that bus were mounds of garbage and a Pitbull in need of help right away.

Melissa and Ben looked over the bus and found no license plates. The VIN had been scratched out too. That’s when they knew something strange was going on here, and they called the police to get the help trapped Lexie needed. But while the couple waited, the dog-loving pair and other neighbors started doing what they could to ease poor Lexie’s discomfort.

Trapped In Filth & Begging For Help

In a TikTok post that’s been seen more than a million times, Melissa told the tale of finding Lexie trapped in the bus, sharing, “This dog is incredibly sweet, and she was cuddling her head into our hands and giving us kisses. She was just so scared and wanted to get out.”

A peek inside the bus revealed Lexie was tied to one of the seats and trapped in filth and trash. To even put her head out the window, Lexie had to stand on her “tippy-tippy-toes.” Melissa, Ben, and their neighbors fed the starving pup turkey lunch meat and provided her with much-needed hydration while they waited for the police.

Once the police arrived, the bus was discovered to be a stolen vehicle, and upon contact, the registered owner knew nothing about the dog tied up inside. Learning this, Melissa asked what would become of Lexie, and officers boiled it down to a hard fact.

After a bath to clean away the stink, Melissa and Lexie headed to an emergency vet clinic to have her looked over. The poor pup was riddled with infection in her eyes and ears, and her skin was pocketed with pus and blood due to mange. Treatment and vet visits were a constant to help Lexie get back to feeling good.

Not Meant To Be, But That’s Okay

And in the meantime, the work began to bring Melissa’s dog, Roadie, and Lexie together. At first, all was well, but trâumаtic pasts had left both pups with scars.

After months of battling Pittie territorial issues and even some stitches for Melissa, the family realized that Roadie and Lexie just weren’t meant to be friends. Now, Melissa is working with NYC Second Chance in New York to help Lexie find her perfect fit.

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