Whеn hе hеars a famiIiar νоiсе оn thе ρhоnе, his rеaсtiоn is ρurе.

The world is full of exciting sounds — from the gentle footfalls of a loved one approaching, to the crinkle of a package of treats being opened — but one sound in particular always reigns supreme.

Just ask this pup named Guddu.

The other day, Guddu’s family sharеd an adorable video showing the sweet dog reacting to that cherished sound.

In the clip, Guddu is seen receiving a phone call to which his attention is immediately rapt. The sound from the other end is slightly distorted through the cell phone’s small speaker, yet undeniably familiar to the curious pup.

It’s his beloved mom’s voice — and Guddu’s response to hearing it couldn’t be more pure.

In the end, Guddu can’t help but answer her back.

Though it’s unclear where Guddu’s mom is calling from, or when the pair will be reunited, one thing is known for sure — no matter the distance, she’s never left his heart.

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