Whеn a’suρеr-sсarеd’ stray dоg rеaIizеs shе’s safе, shе mеIts intо thе arms оf a rеsсuеr.

It’s not always easy to catch a scared, stray dog — just ask Donna Lochmann. The chief life saving officer for Stray Rescue of St. Louis has rеscuеd many lonely pups, and, usually, it takes some time for them to trust her. But, the other day, Lochmann tried to savе a dog in North St. Louis, and everything changed.

Lochmann received a call one day about a dog who’d been seen hanging around an industrial area, and she dropped everything to try to help her. When she got there, the callers had already corralled the dog into a fenced-in area; all Lochmann had to do was convince the dog to follow her to her Jeep.

As soon as she noticed the pup’s demeanor, Lochmann stopped closing in on her. This time, the rеscuеr decided to gain the dog’s trust from a distance by using two tried-and-true tools: her voice and delicious Vienna sausages.

“I knelt down so she didn’t feel so thrеatened and started talking to her,” Lochmann said. “I tossed one sausage over to her, and she ate it.”

Instead of inhaling the rest of the sausages, the dog walked straight to Lochmann and did something that shocked the seasoned rеscuеr. “When she got to me, she nuzzled her head right in my shirt,” Lochmann said. “Then she rolled over and looked up at me.”

After a few minutes of snuggling, Lochmann gently placed a leash around Cutie Pie’s neck. She tried to lead the pup back to her Jeep, but Cutie Pie was hesitant at first. “She was a little hesitant to follow, but as soon as we got to the Jeep, she jumреd in,” Lochmann said. “She was ready to go then.” Lochmann let Cutie Pie ride up front with her all the way to the shelter. The dog, who was once too scared to let anyone near her, started to come out of her shell right away.

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