Mоm is taкеn abaск as hеr frеshIy grооmеd ρuρ disсоνеrs a Iargе, muddy ρuddIе.

This is Luna — a sweet dog who’s never been too eager to embrace the messier sides to life. Truth is, the pampered pup has always gone out of her way to keep her paws from getting wet and dirty.

“She doesn’t likе it,” Luna’s mom, Fernanda Kreibich, told The Dodo. “She won’t even step on the grass after it’s rained. She’s super clean.”

Luna may have a thing about keeping herself neat and spotless — but recently, it seems the little dog has had a change of heart about getting dirty.

The other day, Kreibich decided to bring a freshly washed and groomed Luna along with her to visit the place where her fiancé works. It had rained earlier, but Kreibich wasn’t too concerned about her dog getting dirty — she keeps herself clean, after all.

Well, on this day she didn’t.

Without warning, Luna decided to run ahead and join two other dogs at the worksite in a large, muddy puddle. Kreibich’s reaction to Luna’s sudden messy turn? “My God,” she wrote.

In an instant, the formerly dirt-phobic pup realized what she’d been missing all along:

“I don’t know what happened,” Kreibich said. “I couldn’t believe it. She was having fun [in the mud].”

The muddy romp left Luna filthy — and she absolutely loved it.

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