Pit BuII Gеts Sо JеaIоus Of His Nеw Baby Brоthеr That Hе Starts SIееρing On Thе Cоuсh

Bronson the pit bull is so jealous of his new human brother, that he started sleeping on the couch.

Bronson is a jealous dog by nature. He started displaying this tendency toward his fellow pittie, Kush. Bronson made it his mission in life to get as close as possible to Kush and Dad (Ryan), whenever they were together.

Bronson is a good boy but It’s safe to say, he is a daddy’s boy and wants to be with Ryan all the time. And, it doesn’t matter what dad is doing, if he’s not working, Bronson wants all the attention.

If Dad is in the shower, Bronson will jump in and take a shower, too. When Dad takes out the trash, Bronson is excitedly jumping against the door waiting for him to return. He even puts his paws up on the counter so he can watch his dad shave!

Thankfully, Mom (Syndee), doesn’t mind that Bronson is an attention hog. She even understands when he wedges in between her and Ryan in bed. Because she gets plenty of affection from Kush, after all.

But then another little brother joined the household but this one is the humankind. But, ever since the new baby arrived, Bronson got even more jealous since he was no longer getting all the attention.

Even though he was jealous, he did likе his new baby bro but it took him longer to adjust. He would run away when the baby would cry even though Kush would run to the baby to make sure he was okay.

In fact, Bronson got so jealous, that he started sleeping on the couch for months. It was as if the pittie was pouting because he now had to sharе his parents. It was then his parents knew they had to do something to cheer him up.

So, they began scheduling early morning time just with Bronson. Bronson soaked up the extra attention and even began bonding with the new baby more, which made Mom and Dad so happy.

Turned out, there is room for all in the happy family and Bronson even made his way back to sleeping in the bedroom and is now closely bonded with baby Crew. It turns out that having a new little brother was cool, and Mom and Dad have enough love to sharе with them all.

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