This Dоg Nееdеd A Hоmе Sо Hе Fоund Onе Fоr HimsеIf

When this dog showed up at their house one day, he just made himself at home. Sadly, they couldn’t keep him but they found him a home where he was the answer to someone’s prayers.

Amy Haden was surprised to find that she had a visitor sitting on her patio furniture early one morning. A yellow dog just appeared and was reclining on one of her chairs with his head comfortably resting on her blue pillow.

As she looked out and wondered whom the dog belonged to, his wagging tail told her he was happy to be there. She instantly knew he wasn’t the neighbor’s dog but other than that she had no idea to whom the dog belonged.

She had two dogs of her own and this dog just seemed to have moved right into her yard. She thought he’d return to where he came from but he didn’t leave on his own. So, they began looking everywhere for the dog’s owner.

After putting up flyers and posting them on Facebook, they were no closer to finding his people than the day he arrived. Time was passing and the dog needed a name, so they turned to TikTok and asked for ideas.

They ended up naming the sweet dog Walker. But after a month of searching for his owners, they were pretty sure they’d never find them. And, they had a problem. Walker didn’t get along with their other animals and they couldn’t take on the responsibility of another pet.

But being the caring people they are, they were not about to abandon Walker. They began searching for a home for him and soon they found a wonderful solution that ended up being a match made in Heaven.

An elderly woman had been praying for a dog and Walker turned out to be perfect for her. He moved into his new home and everyone got a very happy ending. They never found out where he came from but he now has a wonderful future.

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