Pig And Chihuahua Kеρt Eaсh Othеr Cоmρany Insidе Emρty Hоusе

Danielle Betterman has made a career out of rescuing unwanted animals, so when she got a call about an âbаndơnеd pig in need of a home, she was ready to help.

This pig was different, though, the person on the phone said.

This pig was best friends with a tiny Chihuahua.

The pair, fittingly named Timon and Pumbaa, were discovered together in an empty home. The Arizona Humane Society was shocked to find them together — pigs, who are natural prey animals, don’t usually get along with dogs, who are natural predators.

Nevertheless, it was clear that these two were in love. Betterman, who runs Better Piggies Rescue, was told that Timon could get sent to a shelter to be adơрted, or, if she was open to it, she could take them both.

Betterman knew she couldn’t separate them.

“The first thing [Timon] does when he goes outside is he finds Pumbaa and jumps on his back,” Betterman said. “It doesn’t matter if [Pumbaa] is laying down or standing up. Then they just hang out.”

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