When a hawk attacks their friend, a goat and a rooster come to the friend’s rescue.

The world might be dаngеrous for animals. However, life is a lot less terrifying when you have friends.

Just ask this incredibly lucky hen.

The other day, a stranger made the decision to invade Jaap Beets’ property in the Netherlands. It was a hawk, and he appeared to be particularly interested in one of Beets’ hens.

The hawk was unaware that the hen had a few devoted allies by her side.

Soon after the hawk started his аttасk, the chicken’s friends, a rooster and a goat, rushed to defend her and scare the hawk away.

Here is a clip of that situation:

Despite the dreadful circumstances, the unknowing hen’s plight was sаvеd by her heroic pals.

The rooster exclaims, “I was very delighted with the rooster and goat that leapt to protect our hens.” “Beets commented. The fact that the chicken was still alive made me happy as well.

Source: dailyphew.com

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