Physiсаlly сhаllеngеd Mаn Whơ Wаs саrriеd Tơ Sсhơơl By His Mưm Grаdưаtе Frơm ưnivеrsity

A proud mother joined her physically challenged son who goes by the name Michael Opio in celebrating his success as he graduated from the university with a degree in Business Administration (Accounting). It was an inspiring and supporting moment for one physically challenged man who beat the odds to achieve his academic success.  Michael Opio had been carried on her loving mother’s back since he was young, from home to school. The painful sacrifice paid off as the Uganda man was high in the sky as he graduated from the university.  One John Paul shаrеd the amazing story on his facebook timeline. The post reads: “A blessed day in Gulu today as we witness IGF son Michael Opio graduate with a university degree in Bachelor of Business Administration (Accounting). Opio’s mother would carry him on her back over 3kms to school. Despite his challenging situation, Opio, with the help of his mother, could complete his primary education.  He also was privileged to finish his secondary education, and his grades were good enough to see him progress in the next phase.

‘”(He) enrolled at IGF Business Institute for Certificate & Diploma in Business Administration. Because of his commitment & discipline, we sponsored him to University,” the Facebook user disclosed.  Many who saw the posts were touched and encouraged as they rush to the comment section to leave kind messages, below are some; Phionah Lucy: “Wow, this has brought a tear from my heart. A mother with a disabled child, whom the LORD kissed ‘I love you my son’ and is celebrating a milestone many looks to. Thanks, IGF. These stories are heart-melting…blessings, blessings.”  Gabby Waller: “Amazing Congratulations to you in regards to your commitment and dedication. I pray that your future will be fruitful and blessed for you and your family.”  Solomon King Oyenya: “Congratulations to Micheal Opio for achieving such a great milestone beside his story. I have known him for years and indeed there is no condition that is permanent. Thanks to IGF for impacting his life and the lives of many kids out there.”  Prisca Aciro wrote: “God makes what man see impossible , possible. Hallelujah and glory be to God for what He has done.“ Alice Zagorski: “Inspiring story of a amazing and determined young man and his faithful Mother who saw God’s potential in his life. Congratulations to you Michael Opio and Glory to God for His Love and Faithfulness.“


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