Unwantеd Pit BuII

A 6-year-old pit bull mix named Halo was surrendered to Rags 2 Riches Animal Rescue by her former owners after they separated, and she sat waiting for almost a year to find a new home. The dog was staying with a foster family when Lieutenant Mickey Curran of the Upland Borough Police Department saw her photo on Facebook and had to have her.happy pit bull one

“She had a snaggletooth and an underbite, and I said, ‘That’s the girl for us!’” Curran told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “I said ‘I know this is unorthodox but would you be OK with a police department rescuing a dog and with the dog living at the station?’”

The director of the rеscuе, Tish Mayo, loved the idea and was all in!

So Halo was brought into the station and sworn in as an official Upland Police officer! She’s the first rеscuе K-9 in the department’s history. She will serve in a special role as a community police officer attending events and meetings to make people feel safe and welcome.happy pit bull

“She’s legit,” Curran stated about Halo’s police officer status. “She took an oath and put her paw on the Bible and all.” It seems Halo found her calling in life with the perfect people!

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