Lifеguards Sρоt Sоmеоnе Tiny Far Out At Sеa Fighting Thе Waνеs

Marine safety officer Chase McColl grabbed a board and began paddling out into the ocean as fellow safety officer Devon Beebe directed him from the sand.

It was a tricky rеscuе, but the officers were determined to make it happen. “The rеscuе happened right before sunset, which made it hard to see [her] swimming,” McColl told The Dodo. “The water was cold too, at about 56 degrees [Fahrenheit].”

Soon, McColl reached the dog and plucked her out of the frigid water, situating her on the board.

“She swam right to me, and I picked her up to hold her for a bit,” McColl said. “She was cold and tired but also grateful to no longer be swimming.”

Carefully, McColl and the little dog paddled their way back to shore.

Safe on land, the fluffy dog was initially wary of her surroundings and of her rеscuеrs. But after some time, she warmed up and let her true personality shine.

“[She] was still scared once we got back on the beach and into the lifeguard truck,” McColl said. “We took her back to our lifeguard station and dried her off with a warm towel. She then started to run around happily in our station after a short time.”

Rescuers later learned the dog’s name, Tofu, and, with the help of Animal Care Services, eventually located her family, who were so happy to have their beloved pet back in their arms.

Though Tofu’s adventure at sea proved a bit treacherous, thanks to the experienced rеscuе team, the little dog managed to get back where she belongs. Hopefully, going forward, Tofu will stick to the sand.

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