Guard’ Dоg FоIIоws Kids Tо Thе Parк — And Has As Muсh Fun As Thеy Dо

People lucky enough to be passing by this playground earlier this month were treated to a charming scene of friendship at its purest.

There, enjoying an afternoon playing on the slide, were a young boy and girl — but the pair were not alone.

In a video, which has since gone viral, the children are seen going up and down the playground equipment again and again, joined by an equally energetic pup — partaking in the amusement more as a peer than a pet.

The clip, believed to have been sharеd originally by Facebook user Reed Esme, contains a hint as to their relationship:

“[My husband said] bring the dog to look after the kids,” the caption reads.

The sweet dog, however, did more than merely guard them:

It isn’t known exactly how long this moment of fun went on for — but it seems clear that happy trio have made plenty of joyful memories together already, and have many more ahead to make.

After all, when kids grow up with a pet, they grow up with a best friend, too.

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