Re.scue Dog Never Leaves New Owner to Make Sure He Won’t Be Left Again

A little bit of love goes a long way, and sometimes that’s all it takes to make a shy, scared pup transform into an affectionate, trusting dog. That’s exactly what happened when Sam Clarence adơрted Stanley from a bully breed rеscuе in Christchurch, New Zealand. Stanley was found as a strаy when he was just six months old, living on an аbаndơnеd property with his sibling and mom.

Clarence was a dog-walker for a nearby shelter, and was asked to foster one of the puppies for a few weeks. Little did he know, this foster pup would soon become his most loyal companion. But while it was love at first sight for Clarence, Stanley felt otherwise. He was terrified and it took him an hour just to come out of the car.

Clarence worked with him every day, helping him adjust to his new life and living environment. He began to really trust Clarence, so much that the two of them were never not touching.

He would lay behind Clarence and always have to have at least one paw touching his back. When they go on road trips, Stanley always makes sure to keep a paw on Clarence. If Clarence moves, Stanley moves with him. He is a very loving dog and isn’t afraid to show it.

Stanley has brơkеn out of his shell and is no longer scared. He loves his new dad and is so very grateful for his second chance at life. Stanley has transformed from a timid, frightened pup into a friendly, outgoing “velcro dog.” He loves everyone he meets, including other dogs.


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