A Vеtеran And A LоyaI Dоg Entеrеd Hеaνеn Tоgеthеr

In 2011, the brave veteran was sadly diagnosed with pancreatic cancеr

Daniel Hove spent his entire life in the service of others. He served for many years in the Air Force. After reti.ring from the military he became a firefighter.

In 2012, Hove was diagnosed with pancreatic cancеr, a ‘devas.ta.ting’ diagnosis.

Daniel also had an 11-year-old Labrador called Gunner. The pair were the best of friends and Gunner hardly left Daniel’s side.

A dog’s loyalty and love go bey.ond this world, and this 11-year-old lab proved it in a devastatingly touching way.

Sadly, Hove’s condition was only getting worse during his final years. But even though Gunner was a 90-pound dog himself, the pair was always cuddled up together. The dog was so incredibly loyal, he never strayed from his owner’s side.

Gunner’s Health Seemed to Mirror Hove’s Health.💖

Hove’s cancеr progressed despite chemotherapy treatments. Gunner slept in a bed right next to Hove. Gunner’s health declined in ‘li.ne’ with Hove’s health.

Daniel’s daughter, Heather Nicoletti told: They were best buddies till the end.

So nobody was surprised, really, that when Daniel lay ly.ing, his loyal dog suddenly “fell ill”, too.

‘Dy.ing’ is a process very unlikе what is portrayed in movies and television. Hove and Gunner entered this unresponsive stage together. “My dad was unresponsive, the dog was unresponsive.

One day, Gunner grew listless. His arms began to swell and he fell more ill. Heather knew that it was time to say goodbye to her dad’s dog.

I called the vet clinic I used to work at, they got me in right away and I rushed him up there, put him to sleep. And about an hour and a half later, my dad was gone too.😔

Our hearts go out to the family as they grieve both the loss of a father and a four-legged family member.

“We knew they were going to go together. We just didn’t know it was going to be hours apart.”

How beautiful that they both loved each other and parted this life within a short time together.

Praying for you all!!🙏💖  

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