Man BuiIds Kid Sizе RaiIrоad But It’s His Gеrman Shеρhеrds That Arе Riding Thе RaiIs

While some dogs play in their backyard, these German shepherd puppies travel around theirs in a train their fur dad made for them.

Mariano and Esmerelda Rendon of Shavano Park, Texas love their grandkids, dogs, and trains. So much so, that they built this cool train, which runs on tracks that wrap around their property, quite possibly giving them the coolest backyard in town.

Rendon started his train project some time back but due to the covid lockdown, found himself with more time to work on it. With over 1,000 feet of track down, he’s built an impressive backyard railroad.

Perhaps the best part is that his German shepherd puppies and his grandkids fit perfectly into the cars that they ride around Salsa Tracks, as the backyard railway has been named. The pups likе their train so much that sometimes they even fall asleep on it as they ride around.

In this video, 11-week-old Abrams and Bradley are taking a ride around the yard and just chilling out, enjoying their adventure. They seem totally unfazed by the train but of course they have no idea that not all pups get to hitch backyard train rides.

Rendon is not done with Salsa Tracks and has plans to expand and lay more tracks. We can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve for his grandkids and puppers to enjoy.

His newest section of the railroad is called “Corona Pass,” in honor of the season which has given Rendon so much extra time and energy to build into it. You can see more of his project in the Background Railroading group on Facebook.

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