A сIеνеr shеItеr dоg finds a nоνеI way tо attraсt attеntiоn.

Meet Rascal — a long-term resident at AMA Animal Rescue (AMA) who’s spent years hoping for a forever family. The senior pit bull loves people and wants nothing more than to cuddle all day, but, as a shelter dog, that’s not always possible.

Since he first walked through AMA’s doors, Rascal’s had to learn how to stand out from the crowd. While most of his friends at the shelter use their voices to grab staff’s attention, Rascal does just the opposite — he presses his chin against his kennel door and quietly waits for someone to notice him

“Mornings are always hectic at the shelter,” AMA wrote in a Facebook post. “All animals are excited to see our volunteers, can’t wait for their walkies and are eager for their breakfasts. But Rascal came up with a new way of asking for attention … and we must say, it is working!”

Rascal has been a beloved resident at AMA since 2019, and, while they love to see his face every day, his friends at the shelter know that he deserves a loving home.

“Nobody can walk by his crate and ignore this cute face,” AMA wrote. “It is sad that Rascal has to come up with different ideas to grab attention just because he’s homeless.”

When volunteers at AMA first met Rascal, he was siсk and seemingly out of hope, but they were determined to savе him.

“This precious boy was discovered by a kind-hearted NYPD officer, wandering the streets of Brooklyn, but he was malnourished and frail,” AMA wrote on their website. “We couldn’t bear to see him suffer, so we took him in immediately and got him the emergency care he needed … with love, care and training, he’s overcome his past trâumа and anxieties.”

As Rascal healed, his personality blossomed. Once scared and alone, the loving boy was finally able to be a dog again.

“Now, he’s a playful and happy dog, ready to embark on a new chapter with his forever family,” AMA wrote.

Rascal went into foster care and was adơрted a few times since his rеscuе, but, unfortunately, the misunderstood pup kept ending up back at the shelter.

“Our screening process is thorough and we usually never have returns, but, unfortunately, it can happen and it did,” AMA wrote on Facebook. “We’re absolutely heartbrơkеn for this poor boy … he didn’t deserve to be discarded likе that.”

Volunteers at AMA were disheartened to see Rascal’s forever homes continuously fall out from underneath him, especially given his loving personality.

“Rascal LOVES people,” AMA wrote in a Facebook post. “He’s what we call a people person.”

The senior pup also loves getting cozy in his bed and settling in for a nap whenever he can.

“His favorite thing in the world is his soft beds, and he dreams of becoming a loyal couch potato in a loving home,” wrote. “Rascal would thrive in a home without other dogs and would do best with an experienced adơрter who understands the importance of routine and boundaries.”

Today, Rascal can still be found resting his chin on his kennel door at the shelter. His friends at AMA are hopeful that the perfect family will scoop him up soon, but, in the meantime, they’ll keep soaking up all the love Rascal has to give.

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