Shelter Chihuahuas Transform After For the First Time Touching Grass

When True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission got a call from a shelter about 12 senior Chihuahuas needing help, they knew they had a big task ahead.

None of the dogs, all from the same hoarding case, had gotten the chance to experience a normal life — so every experience was brand new to them.

“When they arrived at the rescue, they were all very scared [and] unsure of what was going on,” Lisa Letson, founder and president of True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission, told The Dodo. “They all huddled together in the van when it was time to bring them into the rescue. As we started to unload them, it was very apparent they [had] not been socialized or probably ever held. When picking them up, most of them were very squirmy and uncomfortable in our arms. Many completely froze out of fear, their legs sticking out, locked up, toes spread apart, their eyes bulging.”

The rescue staff and volunteers set the scared little dogs down outside. The pups had no idea what to do with themselves — until their paws touched the grass for the very first time.

“We noticed at first they were just frozen up,” Letson said. “Lots of them huddled up together on the rocks, not wanting to move. After about 30 minutes, they migrated from the rocks to the grass, and when they did, everything changed. They all started to run around the grass together, exploring every square inch. They kept hopping and prancing through the grass with their tails wagging and smiles spread around their little faces.”None of the dogs had ever gotten the chance to run through the grass before. As soon as they did, it was as if they were completely transformed. They became the excited little puppies they’d never gotten the chance to be, and their rescuers’ hearts melted as they watched them all finally running free.

After the pups were all tired out, they all got baths, ear cleanings and nail trimmings, which took about three hours total. They also got some minor medical treatments to help their skin irritation. Finally, they were settled into their very own area with lots of beds, blankets and even a TV to keep them feeling safe and comfortable. They were still scared because everything was so new, but everyone could tell they had already relaxed more than they ever had before in their lives.

The Chihuahuas have been with the rescue for about a month now and are doing incredibly well. They’ll all be up for adoption once they’re healed and ready, and until then, they’ll continue to run through the grass and enjoy feeling free.

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