Nobody wanted this sick puppy until a despondent guy gave him a second chance.

As soon as Scott laid eyes on Biggie, he knew there was something very special about him.

By just reading the caption of this video, you’ll know that there is love in the story between the owner and the dog. “No one wanted this puppy. Then someone gave him a chance at life.”

Do you have your tissue ready?

Because you might need them.

This is the story of Scott and Biggie

Scott got Biggie unexpectedly.

He’d just lost his German Shepherd dog so he was not yet ready for a dog.

But there was something about Biggie that got him to fall in love with the dog.

When Scott got depressed because of losing his dog, he decided to go for a drive to clear his mind.

But along his journey, he was on a farm and saw Biggie with a special condition.

Biggie has a hernia.

According to Care Credit, a dog hernia arises when an organ or tissue bulges through an unnatural opening in the abdominal wall, a muscle, or another portion of the body.

Hernias are most commonly found in the abdomen, however they can also occur in other parts of the body.

And because of this condition, Biggie has had a difficult time finding a permanent home.

But Scott loved Biggie at first sight so he told himself that he would just figure it out after he get Biggie.

Now, Biggie’s living his best life.

Scott and Biggie go on different adventures.

Biggie is loving every second of each adventure.

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