First photos of Titan after implosion come to light – expert says it happened “in less than a second”

The first photos of the doomed Titan submersible, taken after it was recovered from the Atlantic Ocean, prove that the much-talked about implosion would have happened in “less than a second”, according to an expert.

Dr E Lee Spence, an underwater archaeologist, has offered his thoughts on the horrifying event that spread around the world last week, stating his belief that the Titan’s five-strong male crew would have had “microseconds, a fraction of a second” to understand what was happening.

Speaking to Metro, Dr Spence said: “They probably had some sort of warning – the shape of the vessel would start distorting, there would have been a crack or a leak.

“But as soon as there was an actual split, the water would have come in at such a pressure that, once it reached the critical point, it would have happened almost instantly.”

The initial theory was that there might be nothing left of the Titan – an implosion would imply that everything was vaporized under the enormous pressure of the water – but Dr Spence, 76, now thinks he knows how to explain the fact that a series of large parts from the vessel were recovered.

Spence, a marine academic based in the US, said: “You sort of think when something is crushed that it’s like stepping on a tin can and crushing it.

“But it’s not like that – if it’s crushed, it’s split open and the second it’s split open it’s flooded. So then you have the same amount of water pressure inside and out.”

The expert also said that he thinks the crew of the Titan would have known something had gone seriously wrong minutes before the implosion that claimed their lives.

“Presumed human remains” have been found among the evidence recovered from the ocean bed where the debris of the doomed Titan submersible was found.

Speaking yesterday, the US Coast Guard confirmed that the remains were recovered “within the wreckage” of the submersible, one week after it was determined that the vessel had imploded, killing all five souls onboard.

In a press statement yesterday, Pelagic Research Services said their team has “successfully completed off-shore operations” and “will be in the process of demobilization from the Horizon Arctic this morning.”

“They have been working around the clock now for ten days, through the physical and mental challenges of this operation, and are anxious to finish the mission and return to their loved ones.”

According to CNN, citing the US Coast Guard, human remains were recovered along with the debris and will be analyzed by US medical professionals in the coming days.

Rest in peace to the five souls who lost their lives onboard the Titan submersible.

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