When a woman sees a dog with a chubby face, she immediately realizes something is wrong.

A volunteer with R.A.D. Rescue was driving in Bakersfield, California, when she spotted a dog rummaging through trash on the side of the road. She noticed his face was super chubby and thought it was cute but kind of odd — then realized that something was wrong.

“His head was incredibly swollen from having a tight chain around his neck,” the volunteer wrote on TikTok.

The sweet pit bull, later named Chunk the Hunk, clearly needed help. The volunteer got out of her car and was able to lure him to safety with some chicken then quickly drove him straight to the vet to get checked out.

Chunk and his chubby head sat calmly in the back of his rescuer’s car, smiling at her and hoping that his struggles would soon be over.

Despite the fact that he was probably in a lot of pain, Chunk remained in good spirits and seemed happy to finally be getting the care and attention he’d been missing. Luckily, the swelling in his head was treatable, and after some time, his chunky head returned to a healthy size.

It was clear that Chunk had spent most of his life being chained up, so his rescuers got him the training he needed to learn how to be a dog again. His personality quickly shined through as he learned new things and got in shape, even when he didn’t really want to.

He quickly transformed into the sweetest, most well-behaved dog around who loved hanging out with other dogs and living his life to the fullest — but what Chunk needs most has still yet to come.

Despite all the attention Chunk has received since his harrowing rescue, he’s still waiting to find a forever home with a loving adopter.

With any luck, Chunk will not have to wait much longer.

(UPDATE 5/10: A previous version of this article incorrectly reported that Chunk had been adopted. As of this date, he is still available.)

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