Woman Bumps Into Her Ex In The Park — And Realizes Her Dog’s Not Over Him

Camila Perman and her ex-boyfriend dated only briefly before parting ways amicably about a year and half ago. But while they were together, a big thing happened in the lives of Perman and her family — they adopted an adorable dog named Gala.

Everyone was immediately smitten with the bouncy puppy, including Perman’s now-ex.

And the feeling was clearly mutual.

When Perman’s relationship ended, they remained on good terms. Naturally, though, their lives drifted apart with time — and by extension, Gala’s connection to Perman’s ex faded, too.

Many months have passed since then, but Perman recently came to discover that Gala’s still not over him.

The other evening, Perman was out on a walk with Gala in the park when they noticed another park-goer walking in their direction. Visibility was limited in the shadowy night, but Gala was still able to recognize the person in the distance.

It was Perman’s ex — and Gala’s ongoing crush. Though they hadn’t seen each other in about 18 months, it was like no time at all had passed.

Here’s video of what happened next:

“It was so pretty [to see them reunite],” Perman told The Dodo, adding that the chance encounter gave her and her ex a chance to reconnect, as well. “He accompanied us to my house to make sure we got home safe.”

Gala looked pleased as punch as Perman’s ex carried her in his arms.

There’s no telling whether any sparks were rekindled between Perman and her former flame as a result of that chance encounter, but Gala’s feelings were quite clear. And that alone could be enough to bring them all back together.

When asked if she’d be open to future meetups with her ex — for Gala’s sake — Perman replied emphatically: “Yes, I think so.”

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