Woman Walking Her Dog Stumbles Across 2 Furry Babies Outside Empty House

While out for a walk with her dog, Edi, a TikToker named Ashley passed by an abandoned house on their regular route and noticed something odd in the front yard. Two small puppies were running around the perimeter of the house.

“My first [feelings] were shock and disbelief that there were two puppies running around, followed quickly by panic at the sudden feeling of responsibility for them!” Ashley told The Dodo

“I don’t see anyone around,” Ashley said in the video she posted to her TikTok account. “Oh goodness. What do I do?”

Ashley took Edi back home and then raced back to the abandoned house in her car. “The whole time, I was so worried, so scared that something would happen to them [while I was gone],” Ashley said in a follow-up video on her TikTok page.

She noted that she walks by the house often and knows it’s been vacant for a while. But still, she knocked on the door and looked in the windows just in case. She believes that the puppies were likely dropped off at the property on purpose.

Once Ashley got the puppies home, she fed them, bathed them, and she and Edi have been taking care of them together. Ashley has named the puppies Tempura and Panko and has scheduled vet appointments for them later this week.

“Tempura is a mischievous lil rascal whose favorite game is stealing whatever toy Edi is currently playing with,” Ashley said. “Panko is a very affectionate lover boy and he will trade kisses for chin rubs. They’re both insanely smart! They are quickly picking up what ‘outside’ means and that sitting gets you treats!”

“I have been in contact with the local shelter, emailing them pictures and the location where I found them,” Ashley added. “The shelter has still not received any word about anyone looking for them. So I think it’s safe to say the previous owners won’t be coming forward to claim them.”

Ashley has been a little overwhelmed by the sudden addition of foster puppies, but they’ve brought so much joy to her and Edi’s lives in just a short time. “Every day I spend with them I don’t think I could ever possibly give one up,” she said. “Also, Edi loves them and she does such a good job keeping them entertained and behaved. Edi is the best girl.”

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